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Social Media Services 

So you’ve been posting daily, but can’t seem to get any new likes? You’ve tried memes, emojis, song lyrics, cute pet pictures and still can’t get any engagement?  It’s not you, it’s the algorithm.  Okay, and maybe a little you, but the real truth is there is a solution! There is a specific what, how, and when to post to reach your ideal audience and I want to show you or better yet, do it for you.  I offer project based solutions and full social media management for your brand.


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Photography Services 

Are you looking for an updated headshot? Need new content for your social media? Have an event coming up? I’m your gal! I offer headshot, portrait, product and event photography.  Don’t see a service you need? No worries, reach out anyway and I’ll connect you to someone great! Remember, I’m here to help!


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Consulting Services 

Are you feeling stuck?  Maybe a little discouraged and exhausted. I hear you. I’ve been there. But, here’s the good news – you don’t have to stay there!  Let me help you set measurable business goals, create actionable next steps and build marketing strategies that work specifically for you and your business.  #goals

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